Second quarter review of 2017 SSCLF’s Farmer Entrepreneurship Relay Baton Project


Shandong Weifang Hawthorn project director: Ma Yongcheng
Volunteers: Zhang Jian, Ye Fudong, Hao Puyan
The first “Farmer Entrepreneurship Relay Baton" project in Shandong was launched in Linqu county in Yimeng mountain areas, Huai Fang City. Recommended by Provincial Forestry Department, volunteers visited the project area several times and 20 peasant households will be engaged in "longevity food" hawthorn planting.


Anhui Lu'an ducks in paddy fields project director: Ge Yixue
Volunteers: Sheng Yuhong, Yang Aixin
The twenty–fifth Relay Baton project was launched in Shucheng county, Lu'an city in the Dabie Mountains, Anhui province. Recommended by Provincial Agriculture Commission, tracked by project volunteers in all the process of the project, 20 farmer households will be engaged in the high economic value, ecological pollution-free rice planting with ducks catching insects in the paddy fields.


Guangxi Hechi silkworm, pitaya project director: Huang Ruibiao
Volunteer: Zhu Jiangming
Received the relay baton from project households who were engaged in sericulture, eight farmers began the pitaya project. Farmer Lu Weiming resolutely quits his migrant work and hopes to live a happy life together with his family.


Zunyi Guizhou square bamboo project director: Luo Xin
Volunteers: Zhang Jiaqi, Zhao Wanbin, Li Zongshu
The phase 2 of the first relay baton project in Guizhou was launched in Zhengan county, Zunyi city. The square bamboo farmers of phase 1 became rich through their hard work and they paid back their bills on time and passed the relay baton to sixteen farmers of phase 2. Rare things that absorb and grow from nature's nimbus, square bamboo shoots can bring a good life to the new relay baton farmers.


Anhui Mount Huangshan organic rice project director: Xu Haibo
Volunteers: Xie Sijun, Cheng Wu
Organic rice paddy field preparations and transplanting rice seedlings have basically been completed. The cooperative organized agricultural machinery hand skills competition and the relay baton farmers can participate in the competition to learn the skill. Han Longsheng (left) and Han Zude (right) have expanded their circulation areas of 210 mu and 290 mu this year, and they feel relieved to start their own business at home.


Anhui Anqing green tea project director: Wang Linmiao
Volunteers: Wang Peng, Chu Manxia
Relay baton farmers’ tea planting survival rate accounts for more than 95%. It is at the nursing care stage now. Right above photo:  a discussion between Volunteers and project households had a discussion, talking about the promising future.


Anhui Mount Huangshan green tea project director: Fang Guoqiang
Volunteers: Xie Sijun, Cheng Wu
With the help of technical training and materials provided by the cooperative, project household Zhu Sheliang carefully managed 5 mu of tea plantations. Because the cooperatives purchase a large number of high-end green tea, his income this year doubled that last year. (Left above photo: Zhu Sheliang’s wife is happy to receive the money to sell the tea). Project household Wang Qiangwen ran tea processing factory to process more than 30 thousand kg of dry semi-made tea this year with gross profit of 30 thousand yuan (Right above photo: Wang Qiangwen purchases tea farmers’ green tea at his tea processing factory.)


Southeast Guizhou tea – under forest chicken project director: Hou Zhenghong
Volunteers: Li Sa, Wu Jiabin
The main work of the cooperative this quarter is to provide baby chicks and recycling commodity chicken. Left above photo: Tricycle bought by farmers Shi Jinyu and Wu Kaicheng.


Guizhou Xiuwen County Kiwi fruit project director: Fu Zhonghai
Volunteer: Li Shiping
Kiwi fruits are in process of growing. Project households are mainly thinning flowers and fruits and application of strong fruit fertilizer. Left above photo: volunteers paid a return visit and had a chat with farmers.


Southwest Guizhou Longjing green tea project director: Pan Yangxun
Volunteer: Tan Taixiang
Longjing tea is growing well and farmers are in high spirit. Left above photo: the tea farmers interplant pepper in the tea land. Right above photo: The technicians of the agricultural department guide the project households to prevent and control plant diseases and insect pests.


South Guizhou edible mushroom project director: Chen Jinbang
Volunteers: Song Wenying, Wang Shengkang
The relay baton farmers began harvesting and selling summer mushroom smoothly. The farmers’ greenhouses increased from the original 10 to 46.  Cultivated lentinus edodes was listed as the leading industry in Sandu county.


South Guizhou apple peach project director: Dai Jun
Volunteers: Song Wenying, Wang Shengkang
According to the plan, apple peach project farmers carried out weeding in the fruit plantation, topdressing, summer pruning and plant disease and insect pest prevention and control work. Right above photo: The cooperative director is talking to project farmers Liu Qianfen and Zhu Nengzhen to help them to solve problems in planting apple peaches.


Guangxi Guigang dendrobium project director: Zhao Muhua
Volunteers: Lin Yuanping, Dai Yilin
The project households participated in the restoration of water channels and weeding work, and the bottle seedings of Dendrobium candidum were already flowering.


Guangxi Fangchenggang citronella project director: Chen Mengtang
Volunteer: Peng Xianmei
Farmers have planted 10 mu of citronella per person, and in the summer, they have been busy with the citronella base drainage care. Above photo: Selecting citronella ingredients 


Guangxi Liuzhou grape project director: Kang Wenhua
Volunteers: Yi Xiaowei, Ma Xinyi, Chen Yifen, Yang Jia
It is the blooming season for grapes in April, and the farmers are busy with artificial flowers, weeding, fertilization, watering, cutting seedlings. In June, farmers will bag grapes waiting mature, looking forward to the summer harvest.


Guangxi Yulin guava project director: Xuan Guangchi
Volunteer: Lin Qixiang
Guava harvests and farmers are busy with bagging guava. Left above photo: The cooperative director is giving technical guidance for project farmers.


Guangxi Hechi pearl plum project director: Yang Tongbiao
Volunteer: Zhu Jiangming
Guangxi pearl plum project farmer Zhang Yuan and his family members planted 10 mu of pearl plum for 3 years with careful management and protection. Project households have sprayed pesticide and spread manure and fruit trees are growing well. Above photo: The cooperative director gives technical guidance for fruit planting, as well as the farmer receives materials provided by the cooperative. 


Guangxi Yulin fish farming project director: Li Yong
Volunteer: Lin Qixiang
Li Changgui once worked in Dongxing, Guangxi province is now a fish farmer. Since he joined the relay baton project, his income of farmed tilapia has doubled the income of a migrant worker. In the second quarter,he sell fish and released fish fry with reasonable price. The cooperatives carry out training on fish breeding and disease prevention for the project farmers.


Sichuan Jintang organic vegetables project director: Chen Xiaohui
Volunteers: Wang Zhenfang, Li Ping
Organic vegetable project farmers sell beans, sweet corn, tomato, pepper and other summer vegetables. Under the warranty of the cooperatives, four project households got 30 – 50 thousand loans from Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank.


Sichuan Dazhou hot pepper project director: Yang Shan
Volunteer: Zhao Jindong
The farmers are busy working in the growing stage of hot peppers, part of which has been red. The harvest is upcoming soon.


Chongqing Xiushan red kiwi fruit project director: Yang Jing
Volunteers: He Jian, Yuan Dewei
In support of relay baton project, farmers Zhang Yi and Gao Shuzhen expanded 200 mu of Kiwi fruit trees. Kiwi flowers were in blossom on April 18 when the plantation management entered the busiest season: artificial pollination, thinning fruits and bagging fruits. Kiwi fruits are growing well.


Chongqing Xiushan Chinese bee project director: Bai Tianshu
Volunteers: He Jian, Yuan Dewei
Left above photo: Bai Mei, technician, guided project farmer Bo Xuezhi’s son how to box bees and manage the site. The cooperatives ordered 60 boxes of bees. The second quarter of the year is bees breeding season. The number of bees raised by the project households increased 50% over the same period last year.


Jiangxi Xinyu Kirin watermelon project director: Chen Xiaohong
Volunteer: Wu Meinan
Above photo: Project household Chen Jinlian are selling watermelons. Since she participated in the relay baton project, she can stay at home to take care of his son who has been successfully admitted by Fenyi No. 1 middle school. Chen Jinlian used watermelon sales revenue to buy sofa and tea table to create a better family environment.