Brilliant achievements on 99 Public Welfare Day
The curtain of the annual “99 Public Welfare Day", launched jointly by Tencent Charitable Foundation and hundreds of public welfare organizations in China, went down on September 9. The Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation joined hands with its public welfare partners to participate actively in this public welfare day activities. The eight public welfare projects, SSCLF launched, included student aid project in Guizhou province, help poor students complete their studies without worry, "Jia" Love Nutritious Meal Project, bright eye dream for left-behind children in Xing county, free clinic to Yongjia mountainous areas, warm the lonely stars with Love, help cerebral palsy children stand up and I’d like to open mouth to speak English. A total amount of rmb 1,008,975 yuan raised online at the 99 public welfare day activities, of which the Tencent and caring enterprises donated up to 520,490 yuan.
It is reported that "99 Public Welfare Day", lasted three days, attracted 12.68 million people’s donations, combined with the Tencent Charitable Foundation and other caring enterprises’ matching donations, which was hailed as a universal public welfare donation. The total amount of money raised at 99 public welfare day activities exceeded rmb 1.3 billion yuan.