The Photography Tour of "Use Power of Shutter to Travel with Autistic Children"
"Their observation to the micro world is extraordinary, and they can find the beauty of the city from their unique perspective." said Lu Suqing,one of the founders of Ed-ability Public Welfare Fund. On the afternoon of June 26, Photography Tour of "Use Power of Shutter to Travel with Autistic Children", sponsored by Ed-ability Fund, was launched in Shanghai. Five children with autism spectrum disorder will be on three - month photography tour in Shanghai after training.
After the launching ceremony yesterday afternoon, the five special photographers, guided by volunteers, entered the century-old Soong’s family house and used their respective lenses to show the world the special children saw. In the following three months, the children will be accompanied by volunteers to take photos and record their journey. Some of the photos will be displayed at major metro stations and malls in Shanghai after the event.
The Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation – Ed-ability Public Welfare Fund, initiated last year by three disabled children's mothers, is dedicated to serve the disabled children and families, to intervene, guide and help special children cross physical and mental disorders, and obtain normal survival ability, self-care ability and social skill, with the concept of communication, understanding and integration, through professional guidance and training for parents, children, school and community.