Huai Xun Plastic Surgery Art Public Welfare Fund receives donation

East China Ningbo Pharmaceutical Co., LTD., recently donated one million yuan to SSCLF – Huai Xun Plastic Surgery Art Public Welfare Fund, to provide fund for plastic surgery for women and children in poor families who suffered from head deformity. At the signing ceremony held on April 13. East China Ningbo Pharmaceutical co., LTD., general manager Zhou Xianfeng said, adhering to the values of integrity, challenge, communication and care, the company is willing to take more social responsibility, to help disadvantaged groups who suffer from certain physical defects, to integrate them into the community. Professor Cui Haiyan, founder of the Public Welfare Fund, is a senior medical orthopedic surgeon. He will integrate social resources and will be committed to providing financial support to operate plastic surgery of congenital malformations, deformities after burn and posttraumatic deformity for women and children in difficult families and plastic surgeon training.