The Silk Road Dunhuang Exhibition ushers in special small guests

On the morning of July 23, the Silk Road Dunhuang Culture and Art exhibition, held at the Shanghai Center, China's tallest high-rise building, ushered in a group of special guests. Accompanied by parents and volunteers, dozens of autistic children from Shanghai Rainbow Rain Children's Intelligent Training Center felt the charm of ancient Dunhuang culture. Sponsored by Yang Yang Art, and supported by SSCLF – Han Special Fund, the "Happy Survival - Silk Road Dunhuang Public Welfare Blend Summer Camp" is a summer art festival for the special children. The three Dunhuang caves, reproduced in the same proportion by modern technology, are the most representative caves in the treasure house of Dunhuang culture. Autistic children used their unique perspective to enjoy over 100 ancient Silk Road artifacts, including the famous horse treading on the flying swallows. The children learned to dance the Dunhuang dance with volunteers and spent an unforgettable holiday in cheers and laughter.



Parents take their children to enjoy the art works of the Dunhuang exhibition



Children and college student volunteers show the Dunhuang dance



The Atlas of the Dunhuang Exhibition for the autistic children by the public welfare organization’s staff



A group photo of volunteers and children with the atlas of Dunhuang exhibition