SSCLF’s Fund of Safety for Mothers and Infants investigates Hubei’s Provincial Woman’s Federation’s project sites
On October 14, a group of SSCLF’s Fund of Safety for Mothers and Infants investigated an incubation base of women and children social organizations in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Mr.  Erkenjiang Tulahong, director of United Front Department, Hubei Provincial Communist Party Committee and Ms. Peng Limin, chairwoman of Hubei Province Women's Federation received the group at the scene. Mr. Zhang Houye, SSCLF’s deputy secretary general, Ms. Qiu Haining, chairman of Public Welfare Fund of Safety for Mothers and infants and other members respectively inspected the two project sites under "Public Welfare Mulan Project" -- "Life Sunshine" parent-child safety first-aid training program and "For Love Hands in Hands" Hubei Province autistic youth social integration experience camp. The two sides had friendly communication and exchanges on the issues of women and children's rescue and employment, and reached an intention to strengthen cooperation in the field of public welfare.
"Public Welfare Mulan Project" is the women's and Children's public welfare brand created by the Hubei Women's Federation in 2014, supported by the Women and Children Development Foundation of Hubei province, and implemented specifically by the social organizations of women’s federations at all levels. The creation of "Public Welfare Mulan Project" has promoted the solution of hot, key and difficult problems to some extent such as: Local poor women's home employment, prevention and anti-domestic violence, family dispute mediation, girl child protection, left-behind children care and so on and effectively improved the sense of happiness and security for the women and children.