A large charity bazaar themed “Arouse inner tenderness – The Blessing" held in Shanghai Library

The 2008 large charity bazaar with the theme of “Arouse inner tenderness - Blessing” was held in Shanghai library on Dec 8 and Dec 9. This is the fifth bazaar sponsored by SSCLF and undertaken by Thanksgiving Mother Home Public Welfare Promotion Center. It used to be a charity event that a small group of enthusiasts participated at very beginning, but now it becomes an annual public welfare event in Shanghai. During this bazaar, Shanghai welcomed the first snow this winter. Although the weather is snowy and temperature drops suddenly, the bazaar hall is still warm and crowded. More than 20 customers came all the way from the city of Wenlin in Zhejiang province. More than 300 people signed up to serve as salespersons this year. The farthest volunteer came from Beijing, and the youngest volunteer is only three and a half years old.


The 2018 large bazaar, themed “Gathering people, promoting citizen philosophy”, brings together all kinds of materials donated by many caring enterprises and social enthusiasts. The donations are not limited in daily items such as food, clothing and beverages, but also include cultural artwork such as calligraphy and paintings, jewellery, handcrafts and other cultural art works. The bazaar attracts citizens to participate through retail sales and encourage everyone involved in charity not only the rich.


A charity auction was held during the bazaar. 500 pieces of multifunction LED lamps were sold out, and some jewellery and, calligraphy and painting works were bought by enthusiasts. The funds raised at bazaar and auction will support SSCLF-Thanksgiving Mother Home Public Welfare Fund’s “Wishing Lamp” charity project. The project helps some excellent students from poor families in Ganze in Sichuan province to finish their studies, and illuminates their future.


The founder of the bazaar, the president of SSCLF-Thanksgiving Mother Home Public Welfare Fund – Dr. Guo Xiangyin, donated her jewelries and collections again this year. The bazaar set up “Dr. Guo donation district” for her. She did her best to achieve the charity goal: expanding the scope of funding from 14 schools to 20 schools in the Tibetan region, letting more needy children to get help.



Group photo of Volunteers



Bazaar event site



The youngest volunteer is only three and a half years old



Little volunteers promoting seriously



Volunteers were introducing products to caring people 



Sister volunteers



The caring people was making a payment



Charity auction



Lighting ceremony scene