EF helps rural English teacher training in China

The EF (English First) education and National Center for Educational Technology(NCED)recently launched the EF Global Student Assistance Program in Beijing -- China Rural English Teacher Training Program, which aims to support English language training in areas with weak teaching resources. The project will inject funds through the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation - EF Global Student Assistance Public Welfare Fund. And National Center for Educational Technology selects and organizes teachers through the provincial electronic educational library system. The project plans to train more than 3,000 rural English teachers within three years. The training program will be conducted in three phases over a period of three years. In the first phase, EF education will provide six-month EF customized English online training course for 1000 teachers of rural English subjects to improve English teachers’ own language ability, language knowledge and English listening, speaking, reading and writing strategies and skills. The second phase will select 100 outstanding candidates from all those who have participated in online training to participate in the offline 2-3-day centralized English teaching skills training. And the third phase, after a unified written examination and interviews, will select 10 out of 100 teachers to attend a two-week EF overseas training course.