“Sunshine warming children – Olympic Spirits into campus” project launched in Guangxi

"Sunshine warming children - Olympic spirit into campus" public welfare project, sponsored by Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation, was launched in Pingle county of Guilin city, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. A team of coach led by Zhou Shiming, Olympic Champion and world boxer, flew from Shanghai to Guilin to teach over 300 primary and secondary school students and 30 P.E. teachers body defense skills that specially customized for children. Local legal volunteers offered a legal training course on the theme of "Preventing violence in schools" for more than 100 junior high school students. Chen Naiwei, Founder of SSCLF - Sunshine Children’s Right Protection Fund, and Executive Dean of Advanced lawyer College, Fudan University, presented Pingle County Education Bureau a set of campus anti-infringement video specially filmed by Jiangsu Provincial Procuratorate.


Children are the future of a country, and their survival and development should be guaranteed to the maximum extent. However, cases of sexual assault and violence against minors continue to occur in various places today, seriously endangering children’s personal safety and physical and mental health development.


Legal protection, as an important means of Ex post relief, does not effectively protect the safety of children in every moment. Self-protection is a more realistic option at a time of danger. In order to enable children to protect themselves in the time of danger, and guide the majority of students to actively and scientifically exercise, enhance the awareness of safety prevention, improve the ability of self-protection, Zou Shiming, world boxing champion personally designed a set of body defense skills which is suitable for children’s age. Zou hoped to pass on the spirit of self-improvement to more children, making boys more masculine and girls more outgoing through the teaching of body defense and campus legal courses.  Although the weather of the day was freezing, the kids were so excited that they followed the coaches to learn every move carefully. The organizers hope to further develop the power of PE teachers in the future and expand the radiation range of beneficiary children.


"Sunshine Warming Children - Olympic Spirit into Campus" public welfare activities has been strongly supported by the Chinese Communist Party of Pingle county, the People's Government of Pingle County, the Communist Youth League Committee of Guilin, Pingle County Education Bureau, Pingle County Cultural Tourism, Radio and Television and Sports Bureau, and Guilin Legal Volunteer Association