2018 SSCLF’s project exchange and sharing session focuses on "challenges and innovations in children's education"

2018 SSCLF’s annual project exchange and sharing session with the theme on "Challenges and Innovations in Children's Education" was held at the China Welfare Institute Children’s Palace on the afternoon of January 18, 2019.


Ms. Zou Wei, SSCLF’s executive vice chairman, Mr. Hong Niuyi, former SSCLF’s vice chairman and Mr. Jia Yong, acting secretary general attended the session, and Ms. Guan Jianhua presided over the sharing session.





SSCLF’s executive vice chairman Ms. Zou Wei



Host Guan Jianhua


Since 2013, SSCLF has gathered all the heads of its special funds and public welfare partners at the beginning of each year to share the interesting, memorable and fascinating stories that happened in implementing public welfare projects. More and more social enthusiasts can approach and get involved in public welfare field at the sharing session. Meanwhile, the session offered special funds’ heads and excellent project implementers a great opportunity to communicate in person to share wisdom and resources, and flash more and more public welfare sparks in the collision of ideas.


The theme of this sharing session focuses on the children’s education. SSCLF has been committed to promoting all-round development of children and juvenile. What challenges are facing children's education in the new era? What assistance and innovation can public welfare organizations carry out in the field of children's education?


At the sharing session, Chen Naiwei, founder of "Sunshine Children's Rights Protection Fund", Zhang Lin, leader of “First Reaction" project, Lu Suqing and Lin Ziyin from "Ed-ability Public Welfare Fund", Chen Jiao from “Stepping Stone Youth Development Center", Bi Jianping and Zhou Guoqin from "Thanksgiving Mother Home Public Welfare Fund", Tian Fang from "Shanghai Yiyou Youth Service Center" and Luozang Dongzhi, the recipient of "From Big Mountains” project shared with the participants their public welfare project achievement and the spiritual journey of the past year.


Those projects are all revolving around children's education problems. Some project focuses on juvenile and children’s legitimate rights protection and some teaches juvenile and children to avoid accidental injury. Some project assists exceptional children's families to rebuild social support networks and some project tries best to support the children in difficult families to complete their study. Some project provides spoken English and computer courses for the students in the schools for migrant workers’ children and some project is fully committed to helping ethnic minority juveniles and children build cultural self-confidence. The experience we all shared is of great reference value to the advancement of SSCLF children's education projects in the future.


In her concluding remarks, executive vice chairman Ms. Zou Wei said that as a social public welfare organization, SSCLF has been exploring in recent years to build an open, multivariate and cross-industry public welfare platform, and concentrating the efforts of all parties to "Give Children the Most Precious Things". In 2019 SSCLF is looking forward to continuously cooperate with enterprises and enthusiasts to bring public welfare projects into great success.



Sunshine Children's Rights Protection Fund founder Chen Naiwei



"First Reaction" project leader Zhang Lin



Chen Jiao from “Stepping Stone Youth Development Center" 



Lu Suqing from "Ed-ability Public Welfare Fund"  



Lin Ziyin from "Ed-ability Public Welfare Fund" 



Zhou Guoqin from “Loving Thanksgiving Mother Home Public Welfare Fund" 



Bi Jianping from “Loving Thanksgiving Mother Home Public Welfare Fund" 



Tian Fang from “Shanghai Yiyou Youth Service Center” 



"From Big Mountains” project recipient Luozang Dongzhi