The investigating group from Ningde City Committee of Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party visits SSCLF

On the afternoon of February 25, the investigating group from the Ningde city committee of Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party in Fujian province went to the SSCLF to Learn about SSCLF’s project of safety for mothers and children and project of treatment for autistic children. SSCLF’s deputy secretary general Zhang Houye and director of SSCLF’s Safety for Mothers and Children Special Fund, Helen Qiu briefed the investigating group on the progress that the project has made for women and children in poor areas in western China in the past 18 years. The project has made great efforts and achieved good results to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality through establishing local maternal and child health stations, acquiring basic medical equipment, training medical personnel, popularizing scientific fertility methods and subsidizing local pregnant women to have free delivery in hospitals.

Through the exchange, SSCLF learned about the current situation and expectations in maternal and child assistance and treatment for autistic children in Ningde city. Both sides discussed the feasibility of conducting future charity projects in Ningde city.