Music expresses love, Mr. Kong Xiangdong interprets “Music for a Better Future”

On October 27, Mr. Kong Xiangdong’s “Music for a Better Future” Concert & Thematic Activity on Family Education hosted by Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation was held in Kunshan Culture and Art Centre (Kunshan Poly Grand Theatre). Nearly 1500 audiences from about 400 families attended this event.

The event was supported by SSCLF’s Special Fund for Family Education and Kunshan Education Bureau, which not only promoted Mme. Soong Ching Ling’s public welfare spirit of caring for children and women, but also presented a wonderful atmosphere of “innovation” and “warmth”.

Mr. Kong Xiangdong, a renowned pianist, charity practitioner and international interactive creator, played throughout the whole event as an artist, a son and a father.

On the basis of the new interactive vision, Mr. Kong Xiangdong played the 12 pieces of Tchaikovsky’s Piano Suite “Four Seasons”, and recited the corresponding poems between each piece. In such a novel form, he immersed the audience in the audio-visual feast of nearly 70 minutes. After the piano performance, Mr. Kong Xiangdong, starting from his own learning experience and life experience, demonstrated his concept of “Music is an important nutrient of our life”, and shared many real stories about how music expresses love in family education and relations. In addition, parents, children who play instruments and front-line teachers who are engaged in music curriculum education were invited to interact and discuss the significance of creative music and aesthetic education in the family.

Mr. Yang Ye, SSCLF’s deputy secretary general, and Mrs. Cai Yihui, the initiator of SSCLF’s Special Fund for Family Education, anticipated that more industry leaders like Mr. Kong Xiangdong would be able to speak for their fields, trigger the upsurge of learning family education, and call on more people to attach importance to and join in this public welfare cause. Kunshan Education Bureau also highly praised the form and content of the event, hoping that more parents would participate in the aesthetic education of their children with a positive attitude and correct way.



The scene of Mr. Kong Xiangdong’s “Music for a Better Future” Concert




Mr. Kong Xiangdong recited the corresponding poems between each piece of the piano concert




Mr. Kong Xiangdong interacted with the representatives of parents, children and teachers




Mr. Yang Ye (the first one from the right), Mrs. Cai Yihui (the first one from the left), and Mr. Kong Xiangdong (the second one from the left) took a photo with the host