The cast of The bough of Whale supports the project “From the Mountains”

On the afternoon of October 17, at the press conference of the premiere of the large-scale marine magic drama The bough of Whale held in Shanghai Light & Shadow Workshop, the cast donated 50,000 yuan to SSCLF’s public welfare project “From the Mountains”.  The donated money is designated to support the national arts class in the Elunchun School of Heilongjiang province to protect the culture of ethnic minorities and save the disappearing civilization.


At the conference, the representative of SSCLF’s “From the Mountains” project shared the current situation of the culture and art of ethnic minorities on the verge of extinction, and described the problems and crises faced by Chinese ethnic minority children on experiencing “multicultural collision”. Focusing on marine ecology, human civilization and artificial intelligence, the ocean magic drama The bough of Whale will be performed in Shanghai Majestic Theatre on November 12. In this play, audience may hear three “whale dwellers” talking in Elunchun language, which is now about to disappear.