Family Education Public Welfare Project in Action

On December 12, 2019, in the lecture hall of Yifu Building, East China Normal University, Shanghai, more than 200 representatives from government agencies, schools, communities, public welfare organizations, caring enterprises and family education volunteers gathered together to participate in the family education 2020 public welfare project release and family education contributor commendation conference, hosted by Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation.


Since the founding of SSCLF’s Family Education Special Fund last year, it has funded many public welfare projects and carried out many activities. In aspect of building up influence, we joined hands with famous pianist Kong Xiangdong, Olympic champion Zou Shiming and his wife Ran Yingying, president of WBC China, to walk into the campus. With the help of professional voice and example power, parents were prompted to think about how to raise their children scientifically in music, sports and other aspects. In the aspect of content transmission, through the establishment of national project cooperation among LEGO Group, Philippine Capital Bank, Honeywell and other caring enterprises, we helped local education bureaus to popularize the correct family education content to teachers and parents.

In the on-site dialogue on the theme of family education, guests shared the achievements of family education work in 2019, and discussed the direction of public welfare cooperation of family education in 2020.


Cai Yihui, founder of SSCLF’s Family Education Special Fund, said that in 2020, we would continue to deepen the construction of a national network for family education and realize a nationwide alliance of schools, thus gradually forming a nationwide network for family education.