Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation actively organizes donation to fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia — Information Bulletin (No. 1)

After the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP), SSCLF actively held a special work conference in January 28, 2020 to coordinate the deployment of the fight against the NCP.


From January 28 to February 9, SSCLF, with the support of the platform and the multilateral communication, raised about 4.88 million yuan and materials worth of about 340,000 yuan from the community. We have carried out and implemented the following main work to support the affected areas in fighting against the NCP:


A special donation channel is established

The “Anti-NCP Special Donation Channel” was established in January 28 by SSCLF in order to facilitate donations from all units, individuals and the community. As of February 9, 2020, we have received more than 105,000 yuan, which will be used to purchase materials for the NCP prevention and control in the affected areas.


Two public welfare projects are launched and implemented

SSCLF has launched the “Anti-NCP Soothing Project”: the project mainly guides people in the affected areas to effectively improve their physical and mental health, and deal with the NCP in an orderly manner. The project is sponsored by Chinese Psychological Society and the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and organized by the Committee of Crisis Intervention of Chinese Psychological Society, National Psychological Assistance Alliance of the Institute of Psychology, CAS, and Beijing Zhongke Psychology Medical Institute. As of February 8, we have received donations of 1 million yuan from Iget (Tianjin) Culture Communication Co., Ltd., 1 million yuan from Shenzhen RELX Tech. Co,. Ltd, and 50,000 yuan from Ms. Wang Ying, totaling 2,05 million yuan. At present, the project is being actively promoted.


SSCLF has launched the “Anti-NCP Donation Project for Wuhan”: The project is mainly to raise funds to purchase anti-NCP materials for the affected areas, which is implemented by the Gudian Loving Team. As of February 8, we have received donations from Shanghai Runmi Management Consulting Co., Ltd. and people from all walks of life, totaling more than 503,000 yuan. Now we have purchased 16,000 pieces of general protective suits with a total amount of 480,000 yuan. The purchased materials are being distributed in batches.


Three special funds provide fund support

On January 30, SSCLF-MaryKay Special Fund provided 1 million yuan for the Amity Foundation. The aid was used to purchase face shield, disinfectant, respirators and other materials for Hubei.


On February 4, SSCLF-Kailong Special Fund supported 404,000 yuan to purchase 25,000 pieces of insulating clothing and 45,000 disposable surgical masks for hospitals, epidemic prevention stations and other units in Hubei.


On February 5, SSCLF-Ivy special Fund provided 72,000 yuan and targeted donation of 30 tons of acid water disinfectant. On February 6, 5 tons were distributed to the emergency support group of the epidemic prevention and control station in Hongshan District, Wuhan. The rest are under further distribution and implementation.


Shanghai Alumni Association of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) donates masks and gloves

On January 31, Shanghai Alumni Association of CKGSB donated 4,000 disposable surgical masks. On February 1, the masks were delivered to the public security officers, community workers and first-line volunteers in Shanghai. Later, the Shanghai Alumni Association of CKGSB again donated 1,000,000 medical gloves (i.e. 500,000 pairs), which have been delivered to Wuhan, Xiaogan, Huanggang, Suizhou and Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center through EMS since February 7. Each recipient has contacted the local Women’s Federation, United Front and other departments to help supervise and coordinate.


Loving people donate a batch of materials

On January 28, Mr. Liu Zhendong donated a batch of video conference equipment (12 pieces of Xiaoyu Link NV1001 and 1 piece of ME20), with a total value of 78,800 yuan. The machines have been received by Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University for NCP medical treatment.


On February 1, Mr. Qi Kailong donated 3,000 masks, which have been distributed to Shanghai Xinhua Hospital, Ruijin Hospital and first-line volunteers before February 7.


On February 7, Ms. Kong Fei from Nanjing donated 10 cartons of disposable PVC medical examination gloves (1000 pieces in each carton).


Loving enterprises make a number of donations

On February 5, Chanel (China) Trading Co., Ltd. donated 2 million yuan for the emergency support to Hubei Province.


On February 5, Shanghai Hexuan Interior Decoration Co., Ltd. donated 300,000 yuan for the NCP prevention and control in Wuhan.


On February 5, Rémy Martin signed a donation agreement of 1 million yuan with SSCLF to support the NCP prevention and control work (the donation was received on February 11).


The above projects are being actively implemented.


凯龙瑞物资0208 4_调整大小.jpeg

SSCLF-Kailong Special Fund supports the purchase of medical materials for Hubei



The disinfectant donated by SSCLF-Ivy Special Fund was delivered to Hongshan District, Wuhan


0211武汉两个医院接收长江手套 甜蕾_调整大小.jpeg

  Medical gloves donated by Shanghai Alumni Association of CKGSB delivered to medical units in Wuhan


 0211武汉中心医院接收长江手套1 甜蕾_调整大小.jpeg

  Medical gloves donated by Shanghai Alumni Association of CKGSB delivered to medical units in Wuhan



 (Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation actively organizes donation to fight against the NCP — Information Bulletin No. 2 will be released soon.)