Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation actively organizes donation to fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia — Information Bulletin (No. 3)

Since the anti-NCP donation work was actively carried out by SSCLF on January 28, 2020, we have raised about 6.22 million yuan and materials worth of about 6.85 million yuan from the community till February 24. Among them, more than 1.66 million yuan was raised through SSCLF’s “Anti-NCP Special Donation Channel”.


The main donation work that has been carried out and implemented by the SSCLF from February 18 to February 24, 2020 are as follows:


Fonterra donates dairy products to support Shanghai's anti-NCP work


Fonterra Commercial Trading Shanghai Co., Ltd. has donated 30,795 boxes of dairy products, including Anlene Milk Powder, Anchor Milk Powder, Anmum Milk Powder, Anchor Yogurt and Anchor UHT Milk, etc., with a total value of more than 6.2 million yuan. The products have been successively distributed to medical units including Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center, Ruijin Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Renji Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Xinhua Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Children’s Hospital of Fudan University, Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University; public security departments including Traffic Police Corps of Shanghai Public Security Bureau, and Huangpu, Jing’an, and Minhang Branches of Shanghai Public Security Bureau; and front-line staff including those of Nanjing West Road Street, Yangjing Street, Jiang Ning Road Street, and Jing’an Temple Street.



 The dairy products donated by Fonterra have been delivered to Huashan Hospital


Protective suits and sterilizers are bought to help the anti-NCP work in Shenzhen


On February 21, SSCLF spent 500,000 yuan from the donation of “Anti-NCP Special Donation Channel” (including: 148,560 yuan from the community and 351,440 yuan from Rémy Martin), to purchase protective suits and sterilizers for designated hospitals for NCP treatment in Shenzhen (Shenzhen Third People’s Hospital).


Terra donates products for the anti-NCP front line


On February 17, Shanghai Terra Industrial Group Co., Ltd. donated medical materials worth of about 220,000 yuan, including N95 masks, disposable medical masks, disposable medical gloves, and goggles, mainly for Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University. The remaining 18,000 disposable medical masks were successively distributed to Central Hospital of Jiading and Xuhui District, Huoshan County People’s Hospital of Anhui Province, and cabin hospitals of Wuhan, Hubei, etc.



The products donated by Terra have been delivered to Zhongshan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University


A thousand of boxes of blueberries are delivered to the front-line medical staff


Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center and Children’s Hospital of Fudan University are designated hospitals for NCP treatment in Shanghai. Delivered by SSCLF, the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX) donated 1,000 boxes of Chilean blueberries to the two hospitals, thereby expressing sincere solicitude to the medical staff fighting at the front line.


Loving people continue to donate materials for anti-NCP work


After donating 50 air purifiers and 50 barrels of disinfectants, Mr. Lu Yi donated another 50,000 gloves imported from Japan, which have been delivered to the Shanghai Rescue Team in Wuhan cabin hospitals.


Ms. Xu Xiyan from New Zealand donated 1,920 N95 masks and 100 general medical masks. These materials, together with the 10,000 disposable PVC medical examination gloves previously donated by Ms. Kong Fei from Nanjing, were sent to Central Hospital of Wuhan (Houhu).


33,000 liters of acid water disinfectant from the two batches donated by SSCLF-Ivy Special Fund (totaled 60 tons) has been distributed and delivered to the Prevention and Control Headquarters of Hongshan District, Qingshan District, Jianghan District, and Dongxihu District, and other first-line epidemic prevention units in Wuhan. The remaining 27,000 liters are being distributed in succession.


In addition, after launching the “Anti-NCP Donation Project for Wuhan” on January 28, SSLCF has purchased 16,000 general protective suits with a total value of 480,000 yuan. Since February 17, the third batch of protective suits has been successively delivered to the medical units in Hubei and other areas for anti-NCP work. The rest materials will be delivered in succession.



Wuhan medical staff put on the protective suits offered by SSCLF and prepare for their work


Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation actively organizes donation to fight against the NCP — Information Bulletin No. 4 will be released soon.