Fuyuan Sports organizes charity run to cheer for Wuhan

On April 29, Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation received a donation of 20,000 yuan from Shanghai Fuyuan Sports Culture Communication Co., Ltd.


The donation is part of the registration fee for the “Run to Brighten China·Tribute to Wuhan” charity run organized by Fuyuan Sports, which will be used to purchase sports equipment for primary schools in Hubei province so as to improve children’s physical quality and immunity. Through the form of online running, the participants who signed up for the event contributed their own amount of running. Registration for the event began on April 24, with 1,565 people signing up already.


In early 2020, a sudden outbreak of pandemic furthered our understanding of the heroic city of Wuhan. Fuyuan Sports, in the form of charity run, cheer for the city with the spirit of the Marathon—“Keep on, and never give up”.