A Message from Mme. Sun Yat-Sen

CHRISTMAS is a time for rejoicing in most Western countries: a time for family reunions and the presentation of gifts. It will be hard for many people to celebrate this December, and many family reunions will be incomplete.

But this year as in other years, gifts will be bought and a great deal of money will be spent thoughtlessly---- especially in countries war has not touched.

Here in China, for three and a half years our people have been fighting a protracted battle that is really your battle too. The struggle will go on for many months to come. And whatever the New Year has in store for us, there will be no surrender from our soldiers and partisan fighters along their 2000-mile front.

Will you remember China’s great needs at Christmas time? The need of our partisans in the north for winter blankets? Of our wounded, for medical care? Of our refugees and our orphans, for warm clothing and nourishing food and the means for productive work?

The China Defense League will gladly receive your contributions, and forward them either in accordance with your wishes, or whatever the need is greatest.


(Source: No. 24 China Defence League Newsletter Dated Dec 1, 1940)