The first quarter review of 2019 SSCLF’s Farmer Entrepreneurship Relay Baton Project



Hubei Wuhan Honey Project Director: He Hehua

Volunteers: Wang Yi, Zhang Desheng

On January 3, 20 beekeepers in Huangpi district, Wuhan city took over the relay baton and started the 30th project site of SSCLF’s farmers’ entrepreneurship relay baton, the second project site in Hubei Province. Recommended by Wuhan Agricultural Commission, general managers of Ping An Property Insurance Hubei, volunteers Wang Yi and Zhang Desheng visited project households in the early stage. Project Director He Dehua will lead the project households to breed Italian bees.




Guangxi Yulin Guava Project Director: Xuan Xianjing

Volunteer: Yu Zhijian

General Manager of Ping An Property Insurance in Guangxi and volunteer Xuan Lang, and General Manager of Yulin and volunteer Yu Zhijian visited the project base on the first day of work in the New Year, and exchanged with project director Xian and farmers. The project households were fertilizing, watering, weeding, bagging and fruit picking this quarter.




Southwest Guizhou Longjing Tea Project Director: Pan Yangxun

Volunteer: Qin Taixiang

After three years of hard work, 20 project households have successfully completed the phase 1 of relay baton project and they have a bumper harvest with tea picking, fried tea and sales. The phase 2 of the relay baton project is also in preparation.




Southeast Guizhou Uncaria Rhynchophylla Project Director: Wu Zengxian

Volunteers: Dai Guangyue, Shen Yangfan and Wu Jiabin

This quarter we are busy with the cutting and sales of hook rattan. The left photo above: Wu Shiheng selling hook rattan. The right photo above: The happy scene of the marriage of Wu Xianke’s eldest son.




Guizhou Qiannan Edible Fungus Project Director: Chen Jinbang

Volunteers: Song Wenying

Ten project households in phase 2 participated in the training session on production and inoculation of fungus sticks in cooperatives. On March 12, in order to build a green and ecological mushroom base, project households planted fast-growing alder forest in the base.                   

The left photo above: The project households participated in loading and unloading bacterial sticks and inoculating in the new cultivation greenhouse. The right photo above: The project households participated in planting fast-growing alder and peach trees.




Jiangxi Xinyu Kirin Watermelon Project director: Chen Xiaohong

Volunteer: Wu Meinan

The main work for 16 project households in the second phase of the relay baton project this quarter is to build greenhouses and plant watermelon grafted seedlings. On January 12, 2019, project households participate in the training on cultivation techniques.                                                                             

The left photo above: the bamboo greenhouse. The right photo above: the watermelon seedlings.




Anhui Chuzhou Glutinous Rice Project Director: Xuan Youlin  

Volunteers: Li Wei, Hu Yong, Wang Wei

This quarter, the main work of the cooperative is wheat topdressing and weeding. On March 1, 20 project households participated in the training on spring wheat field management and rice seed ordering meeting organized by the cooperative.  The left photo above: High-pressure spraying pesticide by Jiang Fuming. The right photo above: The cooperatives’ training scene. 




Chongqing Xiushan Chinese Bee Project Director: Bai Tianshu

Volunteer: Guo Sheng

The main work of the project households in this quarter is the sale of honey and the management of honey in spring. The left photo above: Liu Bin, a project household, bought a car with his beekeeping income. The right photo above: Project household Tian Ruijun and his wife worked in a cooperative to increase their income.




Sichuan Jintang Organic Vegetable Project Director: Chen Xiaohui

Volunteers: Wang Zhenfang, Li Ping

In this quarter, project households mainly sold winter crops such as cauliflower and green bamboo shoots and planted summer crops such as soybeans and tomatoes. The left photo above: Shen Yiling, the project household, checking the growth of soybeans. The right photo above: Yang Tianwu, the project household, collecting young garlic shoot.




Shandong Weifang Hawthorn Project Director: Ma Yongcheng

Volunteers: Zhang Jian, Ye Fudong, Hao Puyan and Gong Xiaofei

In January, farmers were busy slicing hawthorns and freezing them. In March, when the weather became warmer, project households began to prune, fertilize and irrigate. The photo above: Li Danrong and Ma Lingji pruning fruit trees.




Guangxi Guigang Dendrobium Project Director: Zhao Muhua

Volunteer: zhang Ran

Farmers fertilize and prevent snails.                             

The right photo above: The normal growth of Dendrobium




Anhui Anqing Water Bamboo Director: Wang Yanhua

Volunteers: Wang Peng, Chu Manxia    

The left photo above: project household Zhang Tao selected seedlings in the field. The right photo above: project household Peng Daiyun cultivates in the field with a crawler rotary tiller.




Anhui Anqing Green Tea Project Director: Wang Linmiao

Volunteers: Wang Peng, Chu Manxia

Twenty project households mainly picked spring tea this quarter. The left photo above: project households participated in technical training. The right photo above: Wang Yeshui's family is busy picking tea. 




Hubei Wuhan Vegetable Project Director: Zhou Houbing

Volunteers: Wang Yi, Wang Xingfeng

On January 15, the cooperatives organized project households to attend a training on sorting out Artemisia selengensis, packaging and sales. The left photo above: Yu Xinqiao purchased an electric car from sales of Artemisia selengensis revenue. The right photo above: Li Xuefang weeding in the field. 




Chongqing Xiushan Red Kiwi Project Director: Yang Jing

Volunteer: Guo Sheng

Project households do kiwifruit trees pruning, garden cleaning, fertilization, pest control and other work. The left photo above: A technical training was held on kiwifruit trees winter fertilization and gardening. The right photo above: Project household Gao Yafen pruning fruit trees.




Guangxi Hechi Silkworm, Dragon Fruit Project Director: Huang Ruibiao  

Volunteer: Zhu Jiangming   

The main work for project households this quarter is pest control, fertilization and weeding. The left photo above: the cooperative organizes technicians to hold a training course on pruning seedlings for the project households. The right photo above: The project households are weeding under the unified arrangement of the cooperative.




Anhui Huangshan Green Tea Project Director: Fang Guoqiang

Volunteers: Xie Sijun, Cheng Wu

The main work for 20 project households is to fertilize the tea garden. On January 27, the cooperative organized on-site meeting on "Organic Tea Ecological Return". 




Guizhou Zunyi Square Bamboo Project Director: Luo Xin  

Volunteers: Zhang Jiaqi, Zhao Wanbin, Li Zongshu

Project households are busy in spring to expand new square bamboo land.

The left photo above: Project household Li Jiahu transported bamboo seedlings. The right The right photo above: Project household Li Jinyan transported bamboo seedlings with pickup trucks purchased from her income to expand the forest land.




Guizhou Qiannan Apple Peach Project Director: Dai Jun

Volunteers: Song Wenying, Wang Shengkang   

Project director Dai organized project households to weed, fertilize and control pests and diseases in the garden.                    

The right photo above: Project household Chen Chunguo’s family is fertilizing fruit trees.




Anhui Lu'an Rice Paddy Duck Project Director: Ge Yixue

Volunteers: Sheng Yuhong, Yang Aixin

Twenty project households planted wheat, strengthened field management, and prepared for spring tillage.         

The left photo above: Project director Ge Yixue guided the project households to plant in the field. The right photo above. Spring cultivation training for project households.




Anhui Huangshan Organic Rice Project Director: Xu Haibo

Volunteers: Xie Sijun, Cheng Wu

Twenty project households are mainly engaged in preparation for farming, maintenance of production equipment and other work. Cooperatives organize farmers Fang Lida and Lei Shuirong to study rice seedling raising in greenhouse and machine transplanting technology.




Guangxi Hechi Pearl Plum Project Director: Yang Tongbiao           

Volunteer: Zhu Jiangming           

The main work of project households this quarter is fruit management. The left photo above: project household Hu Jiangxian is pruning his fruit trees. The right photo above: project household Mo Wengui and his wife is hanging yellow cylinder to prevent insects in his fruit garden.