Unforgettable native places, 22 Shanghai medical experts return home for free of charge diagnosis

On the afternoon of May 11, 2019, in a remote mountainous town in southern Zhejiang province, about 2,000 patients and their family members were eagerly waiting for the visit of medical experts from Shanghai.

The public welfare activity "the famous doctors from Shanghai top-level hospitals help Jia people's health", held by Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation and Shanghai Yongjia Chamber of Commerce, was held at Yantan town central health center of Yongjia county, Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province, receiving more than 800 patients from all over Wenzhou.

The free clinic was fully funded by SSCLF - Shanghai Yongjia People Medical Public Welfare Fund. Registration fees are exempted and prescription drugs worth nearly 40,000 yuan are presented.

Twenty-two medical experts, whose native town is Wenzhou, from 13 well-known top-level hospitals in Shanghai participated in the free clinic enthusiastically. (From Ruijin Hospital, Renji Hospital and Ninth People's Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College, Zhongshan Hospital, Huashan Hospital, Pediatrics Hospital and Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, Shanghai Changhai Hospital, Oriental Hepatobiliary Hospital, Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, Longhua Hospital affiliated to Traditional Chinese Medicine University, Naval Medical Center, Shanghai Mental Health Center and etc.) Five of them are leading physicians, professors and doctoral supervisors. The original intention of the event was to give thanks for the hometown and return benefit to the hometown.

“Such an opportunity is very rare. Usually, to see these specialists, we have to go to Shanghai specially, and when we arrive in Shanghai, we may not be able to be registered to see these experts.” Ms. Jin, from Shatou town in Yongjia county, accompanied her elderly fathr to see a doctor. She was happy to say that after the expert diagnosis, the suspended heart was finally laid down.

Professor Zhan Weiwei, director of ultrasonic diagnosis department of Ruijin Hospital is a famous expert in superficial organs and peripheral blood vessels of Chinese Society of Ultrasonic Medical Engineering. Even in Ruijin hospital, it had to take more than half a year for a patient to register. The patient who asked Professor Zhang to make a diagnosis on the spot just got on the "fast train".

Famous doctors are not only highly skilled, but also have noble medical ethics. Experts in each department have been booked for 40 to 60 appointments, and many are first-time patients. The experts ask carefully, answer patiently and treat each patient with enthusiasm and attention. Sun Deli, deputy chief physician of acupuncture and moxibustion department of Longhua Hospital affiliated to Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, conducted on-site acupuncture treatment for patients. And Bai Yanle, a psychotherapist at Shanghai Mental Health Center, conducted psychological treatment and emotional counseling for teenagers...

There are also a large number of patients without appointment, rushed to the hospital. In order to enable them to "see a doctor". Wu Zhebao, deputy director of neurosurgery, Ruijin Hospital, received 10 more patients reaching a total of 75 patients and had a hoarse throat.

Some patients who fail to arrive at the scene in time, try every means to contact the sponsor. Professor Cai Dingfang, Director of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhongshan Hospital, Professor Hua Jing, Department of Gastroenterology, Renji Hospital,and Professor Wang Wei, Chief Physician of Cardiology, Zhongshan Hospital sacrificed their rest time, and carefully answered questions and doubts for patients between meals and in the car on the way.

The youngest patient was 3 years old and the oldest was 96 years old. Free clinical activities greatly facilitate the mountainous people to seek medical treatment, brought real benefits to the mountainous people.

Huang Ou, deputy chief physician, the breast diagnosis and treatment center of Ruijin Hospital preliminarily diagnosed 3 cases of breast cancer and gave advice on timely treatment.

Cao Liqin, deputy chief physician, Gynecology Department, Shanghai Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital, said with deep feeling that due to the limited medical treatment conditions in rural areas and the backward medical concept, the basic screening of gynecological diseases has not been in place, resulting in the phenomenon of "Ignoring the illness and dragging out minor illness”, so that the popularization and publicity of medical knowledge is very important.

Shen Haoran, deputy chief physician, Gynecological Oncology Department of Shanghai Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital gave a lecture on health management knowledge of menopausal women to more than 160 local women, which was well received.

Since its establishment in 2017, SSCLF-Shanghai Yongjia People Medical Public Welfare Fund has been dedicated to helping Yongjia patients seek medical treatment and supporting poor patients. This is the sixth stop of the activity "Famous doctors from well-known top-level hospitals in Shanghai help Jia people's health". On the day of the activity, 10 Yongjia poor patients were given a medical subsidy of 5,000 yuan per person.

Zou Wei, executive vice chairman of SSCLF, Zhang Houye, deputy secretary-general of SSCLF, Wang Cailian, party secretary of Yongjia county, Wenzhou city, Zhou Junwu, deputy county magistrate, and Li Gaiteng, President of Shanghai Yongjia Chamber of Commerce attended the event.




Group photo of “Famous doctors from well-known top-level hospitals in Shanghai promote Jia people's health" public welfare activity scene




More than 800 local patients came for medical treatment




Patients search for expert information in front of the guide board




Patients search for expert information in front of the guide board




The oldest patient on site was 96 years oldv




Experts treat every patient enthusiastically and attentively




Experts treat every patient enthusiastically and attentively




Experts treat every patient enthusiastically and attentively