The Project of "Caring Teachers Helping Students" is launched in Anhui Province

SSCLF’s "Caring Teachers Helping Students” project was officially launched in Anhui province in February 2019. On June 3, a delegation of SSCLF visited the Yezhai Middle School in Qianshan, Anhui province, the first implementation site of the project. At the same time, the delegation investigated two implement sites of SSCLF’s Farmers' Entrepreneurship Relay Baton project in Anqing, Anhui province. 

Zou Wei, SSCLF’s executive vice chairman, Zhang Houye, SSCLF’s deputy secretary general, founders of SSCLF’s Special Fund for Farmers' Entrepreneurship Relay Baton, and Ping An Insurance Company volunteers jointly participated in the survey activities.

The project "Caring Teachers Helping Students", sponsored by SSCLF’s Special Fund for Farmers' Entrepreneurship Relay Baton with a contribution of 300,000 yuan, aims to provide head-teachers with flexible and complementary resources to help poor students, so as to solve the problems that cannot be solved by direct aid and stimulate students' potential. The project will work with the school to establish a headteacher-led education aid model in which head teachers have more resources to allocate, so that both the students who receive assistance and head teachers who provide assistance can be more rewarding in the process of interaction. At the same time, the alumni endowment system will be set up in order to achieve a sustainable operation of the project in 2-3 years. 

On June 3, the delegation had an in-depth discussion on the project at Yezhai Middle School in Qianshan, Anhui Province. Both sides agreed that they would do a good job in all aspects of the project, make achievements and accumulate experience, and provide a model for such public welfare project.

And on June 4, the delegation came to green tea project site and water bamboo project site in Anqing, Anhui province for a discussion. At the meeting, the head of the cooperative and beneficiary farmers said that the implementation of SSCLF’s Farmers Entrepreneurship Relay Baton Project had enhanced the confidence of getting rich through hard work and scientific planting. And they expressed their desire to continue to pass on the relay baton and let more farmers get out of poverty and become well-off. After the meeting, the group visited the newly developed tea garden in Zhuangzhong village.


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