Extolment for doctors who practice for charity

On July 18, 2019, entrusted by a patient, SSCLF’s staff sent a silk banner to Dr. Hu Xianmin at Shanghai Rongshang Clinic. “Saving lives near and far, the spirit of yours warming a thousand hearts.” The words on the silk banner expressed the patient’s sincere gratitude to Dr. Hu.


The silk banner was presented by Wang Juhua, a villager from Shangheng village in Xunzhai town of Yongjia county, Zhejiang Province. She met Dr. Hu during a free clinic on May 11, 2019. On that day, SSCLF joined hands with Shanghai Yongjia Chamber of Commerce to hold a large-scale free clinic named “Famous Doctors from Shanghai Top-Level Hospitals Help Yongjia People's Health” at Yantan Town Central Health Center of Yongjia county. Wang Juhua came for her rheumatism. Dr. Hu Xianmin, formerly working in the Department of Rheumatism and Immunology of Renji Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, received and treated her with patience and meticulousness. There is no charge for the whole free clinic process, which moved her deeply. During the consultation, Dr. Hu also learned that Wang Juhua’s family was in financial distress, and he spontaneously provided her with channels of financial aids.


In June this year, after the free clinic, Wang Juhua suffered a sudden heart and lung infection and was hospitalized by Wenzhou Central Hospital for treatment, aggravating the condition of the poverty-stricken family. She sought help from SSCLF through Shanghai Yongjia Chamber of Commerce. After application and verification, Shanghai Yongjia People Medical Public Welfare Fund provided her with the medical aid of 5,000 yuan in time. During her stay in hospital, Dr. Hu Xianmin, far away in Shanghai, heard about her situation. He then sent his greetings and helped to contact, which made Wang quite relieved.


After the operation, Wang Juhua recovered well. These days Wang Juhua customized two silk banners and sent them to Shanghai specially. One silk banner was for SSCLF, saying “Granted help spread all across oceans; Gratitude mounts higher than mountains”. Another banner, entrusted to SSCLF, was for Dr. Hu Xianmin as a token of Wang’s sincere gratitude.


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