Convalescent burnt children gathered at the summer camp

During July 18 to 20, 2019, Ruijin Hospital held the 3rd Burned Children Summer Camp with the theme of “Enjoying the childhood, embracing the sun”. Twenty-one families of burned children gathered from all over the country to participate in this event.


Jia Yong, acting secretary-general of SSCLF, and Qiu Haining, head of SSCLF “Safety for Mothers and Infants” Special Fund, together with other leaders, attended the opening ceremony. The Ruijin Hospital Burned Children Summer Camp has been held for 3 consecutive years. The children have not only accepted their own appearance changes, but also established new networks of interpersonal relationships and cultivated confident and positive attitude, which is of great importance. In this year's summer camp, the children put on performances, participated in interesting activities, and visited Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park. The series of activities brought social care and pure felicity to the children.


In the past two years, with the involvement of medical social workers, burned children and their families have been exposed to more social resources. In May 2018, Rujin Hospital and SSCLF signed an agreement to set up the Safety for Mothers and Infants—Burn Children Public Welfare Base. SSCLF “Safety for Mothers and Infants” Special Fund has offered 600,000 yuan for burned children’s first aid, anaplasty and summer camp.