Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation actively organizes donation to fight against the novel coronavirus pneumonia — Information Bulletin (No. 5)

Since the anti-NCP donation work was actively carried out by SSCLF on January 27, 2020, we have raised about 8.24 million yuan and materials worth of about 7.99 million yuan from the community until March 16. 


Among them, about 3.68 million yuan was raised through SSCLF’s “Anti-NCP Special Donation Channel”. Recently, the additional companies that donated more than 100,000 yuan are Infineon Technologies (China) Co., Ltd (400,000 yuan), Benesse Corporation (China) Co., Ltd (850,000 yuan), and Win-win Asset Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (150,000 yuan).


The main donation work that has been carried out and implemented by the SSCLF from March 3 to March 16, 2020 are as follows:


SSCLF timely purchases materials to support the medical front line


SSCLF has recently made four expenditures from “Anti-NCP Donation Project for Wuhan” to purchase urgently needed medical materials, which are planned to be sent to Wuxue Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hubei, Wuxue Maternity and Child Health Hospital and the front-line medical teams from Shanghai.


Among them, an expenditure of 227,980 yuan from the donation, and 186,020 yuan supported by SSCLF-Kailong Special Fund, altogether 414,000 yuan, was used to purchase 3,000 protective suits.


SSCLF has spent 469,040 yuan to purchase 1,580 disposable medical protective suits, 500 disposable medical masks, 1 infrared thermometer and 5 pieces of moxibustion apparatus.


SSCLF has spent 488,092 yuan to purchase 534 disposable medical protective suits, 5,000 disposable medical masks, 6 pieces of air wave therapeutic apparatus, 5 vibration row phlegm machines and 3 infrared digital temperature-measuring gates.


SSCLF has spent 499,840 yuan to purchase 680 disposable medical protective suits, 5,000 disposable medical masks, 10 ECG monitors, 5 ECG machines and 10 infusion pumps.


Loving organizations continue to donate materials


With the help of Shanghai Charity Foundation, Kailong REI Project Investment Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd donated 42,000 duty-free import surgical masks which have been delivered to the streets and communities in Wuhan and other anti-NCP front lines.


The Qingdao Chamber of Commerce in California, USA donated 5,000 masks, which have been delivered to Shanghai General Station of Immigration Inspection by SSCLF.


In addition, the 16,000 general protective suits purchased by SSCLF through the “Anti-NCP Donation Project for Wuhan” have all been distributed by March 7. The last batch of 5,000 protective suits was sent to medical units in Hubei and other areas for anti-NCP work.



Fang County People’s Hospital of Shiyan, Hubei, has received the protective suits and other anti-NCP materials