Public welfare partners share opinions on “Norms and Innovations”

On the afternoon of July 31, 2020, SSCLF’s project exchange and sharing forum for the first half of 2020 on “Norms and Innovation” was held at the former residence of Soong’s family, with more than 20 representatives from SSCLF’s special funds participating in.


Mr. Miao Xiaobao, former director of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Justice, member of the Standing Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Shanghai Committee, director of Committee for Social and Legal Affairs, attended the forum. Mr. Jia Yong, SSCLF’s acting secretary general, delivered a welcome speech.


In his speech, Mr. Jia Yong explained the connotation of “norms” and “innovation”. He said that nothing can be accomplished without norms or standards; and without norms, we will never achieve the stable and long-term development. As the source of the development of public welfare organizations and the way to accomplishment, innovation is for the continuous pursuit of excellence. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, social organizations are facing severe challenges; therefore, how to apply normative and innovative thinking mode to seeking better progress has become our new priority.


Mr. Xu Benliang, director of Shanghai Zhuoyue Public Organization Development Center and consultant of Shanghai Charity Education and Training Center, was invited to give a keynote speech. Together with the representatives of SSCLF’s special funds, he brainstormed and shared on the topic of “Adhering to Systematic Thinking and Ensuring the Healthy Development of Social Organizations” based on his 25-year experience in public welfare.


During the sharing session, the staff of SSCLF also demonstrated the operation process of the forthcoming Weaver system (external partner section). The management information system will not only improve the efficiency of working within and among the various departments of SSCLF, but also promote the smooth and transparent communication between SSCLF and external partners.