“Teacher Energizing” public welfare training sessions are held in Fujian Province

Organized by the Yongding District Education Bureau of Longyan City, Fujian Province, and funded by SSCLF’s Special Fund for Family Education, two “Teacher Energizing” public welfare training sessions were held on August 10 and 11 respectively at Yongding District Chengnan Primary School, Longyan City. Most of the participants were local kindergarten and primary school teachers.


On August 10, two senior lecturers from Playable Design, a professional educational research and development organization, introduced the “Learning through Play” concept at the “Play with Children” public welfare training. This concept of children’s education, which has been highly praised by the international community and the education circle, advocates the diversified scientific play and the enhanced interaction between children and their family members, thereby encouraging children to participate actively and think positively. Teachers and parents are guided to attach importance to playing with children, thus the quality “playful education” will be introduced into more families.


In another public welfare training of "Guarding the Growth of Rural Children" held on August 11, the psychological counselor from Shanghai focused on the psychological characteristics of young children. Through courses including “Understanding the Psychological World of Children”, “Expressive Arts Counseling”, “Different Children Play Differently”, and “Unveiling the Mystery of Sandbox Games”, the lecturer discussed with the participants on children’s spiritual dialogue. With detailed theoretical explanations combined with vivid cases, the training helped the participating teachers to master a wide range of knowledge and skills needed in daily teaching.


Teacher training is part and parcel of the programs supported by SSCLF’s Special Fund for Family Education. The training not only focuses on teachers’ teaching, but also aims to improve teachers’ skills in family education, thereby taking on the key role of transmitting knowledge about family education to the guardians.