Jiang Liang is elected as Chairman of SSCLF’s Sixth Board of Directors

On the morning of September 30, the 26th meeting of SSCLF’s Fifth Board of Directors was held to conduct the general election. After thorough deliberation and democratic voting, Wang Weixian, Guan Dachang, Yang Ye, Wu Yuehan, Zhang Ming, Zhang Houye, Zhang Xiaomin, Chen Naiwei, Jiang Liang, Shu Min, and Guan Jianhua were elected as members of SSCLF’s Sixth Board of Directors. And then at the first meeting of the Sixth Board of Directors, Jiang Liang was elected as Chairman of the Sixth Board of Directors, Zhang Xiaomin as Vice Chairman, and Zhang Ming as Secretary General in secret ballots.



Jiang Liang, the new chairman of the Board of Directors, said that he would uphold the spirit of Mme. Soong Ching Ling’s “boundless love”, recognize his historical responsibility, inherit and carry forward SSCLF’s fine tradition, and perform his duties as chairman seriously and responsibly. Also he would keep pace with the times and the society to build a better platform for people from all walks of life to devote themselves to public welfare. Together with all the directors, he would carry out the work pragmatically and efficiently, promote the innovation and development of public welfare, and write a new chapter for SSCLF’s development.



The general meeting was presided over by Xu Dexin, vice chairman of the fifth Board of Directors, and leaders from Publicity Department of Shanghai Municipal Communist Party Committee and Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs came to guide the meeting. The meeting deliberated and approved the work report of the fifth Board of Directors, the financial report and audit report of the fifth Board of Directors, and the election method of the sixth Board of Directors.



The Fifth Board of Directors submitted a report entitled “Guided by the spirit of Mme. Soong Ching Ling, SSCLF strives to move forward and achieve excellence”. The report pointed out that under the leadership of the Fifth Board of Directors, SSCLF has taken its mission to vigorously promote the philanthropic ideology and spirit of Mme. Soong Ching Ling, to believe in the power of changes, to keep up with the development of the times, to respond positively to social concerns, and to respond effectively to various challenges. During the term of the Fifth Board of Directors, the total income of SSCLF amounted to 643.0798 million yuan, of which 307.1865 million yuan was the donation income; the total expenditure amounted to 398.7008 million yuan, of which 366.6412 million yuan was the project funding. Basically, the expected goal of “building SSCLF into a medium-sized, well-governed, professionally-managed and complex (operation + funding) foundation with domestic and international influence”, as set out in the development plan of the Fifth Board of Directors, has been achieved.