“Warm for Her – Health Care Project for Women with Chronic Rheumatic Diseases” is launched

On the afternoon of January 8, 2021, Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation held the launch event of the “Warm for Her – Health Care Project for Women with Chronic Rheumatic Diseases” at 369 North Shaanxi Road. Leaders of relevant departments from Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau and China Welfare Institute, leaders from Shanghai Orient Webcasting Co., Ltd., Wenhui Daily, Xinmin Evening News and other media organizations, as well as medical experts, cultural celebrities and philanthropic entrepreneurs attended the conference.



Mrs. Pan Yan from SSCLF’s Development Department gave an introduction of the project. The “Warm for Her – Health Care Project for Women with Chronic Rheumatic Diseases” will conduct a survey on the current situation of female patients and provide financial support to some female patients, especially those in poverty-stricken areas, thereby helping them understand ways to treat the disease and enhance confidence in life. Mr. Ma Dianming, General Manager of Beijing Office, UCB China and Head of Government Affairs & External Engagement in China, introduced the work done by UCB China in implementing corporate social responsibility.


Mr. Wu Xin, General Manager of UCB China, donated RMB 1 million yuan to SSCLF for the project on behalf of UCB.



Mr. Jiang Liang, SSCLF’s Chairman, mentioned three points in his speech. Firstly, he expressed gratitude to UCB for their charitable donation, adding warmth to the sanjiu (the coldest day of winter). Secondly, he recalled Mme. Soong Ching Ling, who once said “To build a strong nation, we should start from welfare of women and children”. Thirdly, he said that SSCLF should use the donors’ money in a standardized and transparent way; therefore, the foundation will benefit the donees and assure the donors, while the foundation itself will be developed into a diversified and open public welfare platform, with more caring people committed to engaging in public welfare undertakings.



Finally, musicians from Shanghai Chinese Orchestra, including the famous guzheng player Ms. Lu Shasha, the erhu player Ms. Lu Lu, and Mr. Wang Yinrui, the chief performer of the Percussion Part, gave their wonderful performances, rounding off the launch event with melodious national music.