Lu Chao shares "The Development Process of the Social Organizations in China"

On the afternoon of October 26, 2021, "Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation Forum" invited Lu Chao, founder and director of NPI Public Welfare Organization Development Center, to give a keynote lecture and share “the development process of the Social Organizations in China from the transformation of NPI.”

Lu Chao first talked about the organization from the perspective of social workers and  believed that "social organization is to organize society". Socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, and the main social contradictions in China has been transformed into the contradictions between the people's growing needs for a better life and the unbalanced and insufficient development. In the view of social workers, the inadequacy and imbalance of Chinese society (community) at the present stage lies in: inadequate social services and unbalanced social governance. Therefore, it is urgent to develop social organizations, social enterprises and community social organizations.  Building a big society starts with changing small communities. NPI Public Welfare is a public welfare organization that supports and serves public welfare organizations. With the development of public welfare to this day, what we have to do is not only to increase the number of "good people and good deeds", but also to create a huge public welfare industry. If there is still time, and  if there is a choice, NPI will continue to explore how to strengthen public welfare science popularization and how public welfare organizations are rooted in the people, the combination of cyan organizations and digital wave, and the unique theoretical support system for NGOs in China.

Lu Chao brought inspiration and reference to the participants with his rich personal practice and mature theoretical thinking.


The initiators, partner representatives of SSCLF’s Special Funds, and the staff of SSCLF participated in the forum.