The public welfare project of empowering working women and college students in family education – Its training activity in Nanjing ends successfully
On the afternoon of November 25, 2021, supported by Honeywell (China) Co., Ltd. and Capital Bank (China) Co., Ltd., the training activity of the public welfare project of "Empowering Working Women and College Students", organized by Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation Family Education Special Fund, was successfully held in the video conference room of the IFC Building in Nanjing.
In the training, teacher Yi Ye, an education expert and a senior tutor of family education, was invited to give a lecture on social emotional learning with the theme of "family education for the future" for the working women present. Through the combination of scenario simulation and cooperative interaction, the importance of social emotional learning, social emotional learning in the family and the CLEAR ability that parents need to have, were shared with the participants. A series of interesting interactive cooperation, from "Are you worth thawing?" "Me and Her or Him", "Ability Giant" to "Do as I say", deeply inspired and resonated with the women present.
Through the 120-minute lecture, Teacher Yiye explained the definition and specific performance of social emotional learning to the women in the financial industry present. Social emotional learning is not only a curriculum in school, but requires the enlightenment of family, the guidance of teachers, the joint learning of peers, and the attention of the whole school culture. By cultivating children's emotional power, self-confidence, executive power, social power, communication and critical thinking skills, parents enable children to achieve all-round growth in the future. Through the interactive form of cooperation in pairs, it helps parents to substitute the perspective of children, and helps parents to understand the influence of their words and deeds on children in daily life. At the same time, Teacher Yiye puts forward the concept of adult SEL (Social Emotional Learning) core competence to the women in the financial industry present, that is, through connecting, listening, encouraging, asking questions and setting an example, to better cultivate children's social emotional skills and lays the foundation for their future life values.
The project hopes to provide support and guidance for college students who are about to enter the workplace or working women, and encourage them as volunteer trainers to promote the concepts and methods of family education to teachers and parents of primary schools in their cities and surrounding areas. Through the continuous expansion of the influence of the project, the project has promoted  more working mothers in society learn more scientific knowledge of family education, and help them alleviate the core challenges they face in family life, realize the balance between work and life and better release their potential.