Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation distributes grocery goods to over 40,000 elderly people in need

To support Shanghai's fight against COVID-19, in April 2022. Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation launched a special project to care for the elderly groups affected by the pandemic, with support from Shanghai Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau. As of August 2 2022, a total of 40,172 elderly people from 16 districts of the city who are severely disabled/jobless or with low-income/special needs have been provided with grocery goods including rice, soybean oil, and milk/milk powder etc., valued at ¥6,025,800 in total.



Faced with the rampant outbreak of the pandemic and the consequential constraints in supply, staff and logistics, the Foundation kept its working pace efficient and overcame various difficulties - enormous amount of information verification, complicated communication and coordination, and access to households in residential communities closed due to the outbreak, to name just a few - and completed 90.4% of the distribution tasks by 27 May 2022, ensuring timely delivery of the much-needed supplies to the people most in need. The project has helped send love and care to the special elderly groups affected by the pandemic, supported the city's overall effort to fight COVID-19, showcased the proper role of public charity organisations, and built up energy for the future development of the Foundation.